Connecting the turntable to an AV receiver

When you need to connect turntable to the AV receiver, it a simple process that does not many works. All you need to have is few steps in with certain basics to pair them. Later, you need to get ready to savor the sweet sounds of the vinyl records. Continue reading to know certain steps involved to connect a turntable to an AV receiver.

Step 1

Place the turntable directly near the receiver. Consider an entertainment cabinet or any other shelving system, which will be to dampen the vibration of both the units with minimal shaking.

Step 2

You will find the RCA-type stereo cable to the output of the turntable. In certain cases, the turntables will be available with the RCA type stereo and in those instances; you need to purchase them separately.

AV receiver

Step 3

When you are looking at the back of the receiver, you can examine the audio input and several other options. When you have the receiver with the in-built phono preamp, you can find the label “phono”. When you have found them, you can simply connect both input and the output cable and it is very easy to do as you did in the previous step.

If you have a turntable that offers, you an option between the phono EQ and Thru, you might choose Thru and this will be suitable most of the cases.

If your receiver doesn’t have this feature, you can always buy best preamp for turntable, and connect to your equipment.

Step 4

If you do not find the phono input, it is not necessary to worry about it. Most of the turntables will have the in-built preamp. However, when you have doubts about it, you just need to check with the user manual. In this case, you will use the input of the receiver. These will be named Audio, CD, auxiliary or line.

Step 5

If you need to hear the vinyl playing back from the turntable, it is necessary to check the input setting that is available in the front display and it should also match with the rear panel input that you will use for connecting the devices.

By now, you might have got the right steps when you need to hook up a turntable to a stereo. Further, when you are buying the devices, it could be made better when you are making the right choice after knowing your needs and the nature of the devices. Choose the right one to make ease of working with it.